Unable to change the gateway address in controlspace ex-1280c

Hi there, I'm having this issue with the new ControlSpace EX-1280C, where I can't change the gateway address of the unit. I've tried to change it from the front panel and the ControlSpace Designer, however for some strange reason the gateway remains always in, any thoughts?

Sorry, this is a known issue and the FW does not currently support changing the gateway address.  We are working on this issue now and expect to have a new release shortly.  Do you need to change the gateway address for your application?




Hi Darryl, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately right now I am commissioning a project and I absolutely need to change the gateway address, is there anything that can be done?

Hi Miltiadis,

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done from the product perspective that I'm aware of.  Are you trying to the connect the EX-1280C to the customer's network?  It's possible to connect a router with on one side and the customer's network on the other side?