Unable to pair Bose 35 11 to Samsung A20 Android phone

I am trying to pair my headphones to a new Samsung A20 phone. I had previously had them paired to another Samsung phone different model. On my A20 I have the current Bose Connect App, Google Assistant installed . It only took the Bose retailer about 2 minutes to pair them originally as it is so simple if you know what the procedure is.I went to the Bose dealership yesterday which happened to shut it's doors for business that morning. Can anyone please help me ?


Hey ,


I hope you've enjoyed your headphones so far - you made a great choice with the QuietComfort 35's!


I'd be happy to help you get these set up to your new phone. What you'll need to do is clear the pairing list of the headphones, as shown HERE.


Then, your headphones should appear as a product to connect to in your Samsung A20 Bluetooth settings. However, do let me know if you're still unable to pair the headphones!

Thanks for your answer Sam. I have managed to get the headphones working nicely