Updating Firmware-Where to find the correct file for ESP1240


I'm new to ControlSpace and am trying to get a system operational. I've been having problems connecting to the 1240 Dante Network card in Controlspace reliably. It says I need a firmware update but when I try to find the correct file it doesn'r seem to be in the Dante Firmware folder. 

I found a help file PDF link here in the forums but for some reason I don't have access to view the topic. Can anyone advise please?




Thank you. Do you know why so much of the forums are unauthorized for me? I'm trying to find information on how to properly configure Dante..



Trying to update ESP1240AD Dante card with correct firmware. Technical bullitan procedure above does not have the firmware that my PC has when I follow instructions. What is the correct file?




Looking for correct firmware for ESP1240AD Dante card. Where can I find correct file?Firmware


In the past the Dante card for the ESP FIXED IO supported 16x16 channels.
We have upgraded this to 32x32 channels and therefor it will be seen as a different card.

Attached you will find a Technical Bulletin how to update.

I hope this will solve you issue.


Most of the forum should be open for review. To respond / post you should be registered.

I will check what could be te reason.


Hello CF,

Below an overview of the grouped Dante firmwares:

  • ESP FIXED IO (ESP-880 (A/AD), ESP-1240 (A/AD), ESP4120, ESP-1600)
    Bose_DNC-R32 (Bose_DNC-R32_v2.0.0.0.dnt)
  • PowerMatch
    Bose_DNC-P (Bose_DNC-P_v2.0.0.0.dnt)
  • ESP-88/00
    Bose_DNC-E (Bose_DNC-E_v2.0.0.0.dnt)

In your case, please use Bose_DNC-R32_v2.0.0.0.dnt