USB to Network Adaptors

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I just had a consultant working on commissioning a installation using a ESP1600 and 1240 with Dante cards and a EP22 end point and he struggled all day trying to get the Dante to consistently talk, both in Dante
Controller and the Built in Dante Controller in CSD. He finally pulled all the equipment and took it back to his office to troubleshoot. After some initial issues, he switched the USB to Network adaptor he had been using and all the issues went away, all while using the same router and equipment that he was using before.
So if you are like the consultant (and me) and use a external USB to Ethernet adaptor, test it in the office before taking it out on the jobsite - it may not play nicely with Dante.

The adaptor that he had issues with was purchased at Radio Shack. The one that worked was a Belkin.

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