Use Sound TouchWireless Link and two SoundTouch 10 Speakers for wireless rear surround sound?

Could I use a SoundTouch Wireless Link and two SoundTouch 10 Speakers for wireless rear surround sound?  I'm eyeing sending rear L & R analog output from my surround receiver to the WirelessLink stereo 3.5mm stereo INPUT.  Is the signal from the WirekessLink to the SoundTouch speaker mono, or can I send L to one speaker and R to the other?  (If mono, could I use two SoundTouch Wireless Links, one for each channel?)  Will there be unacceptable latency?  Can the WirelessLink and SoundTouch Speakers stay powered up and connected so there's nothing to do but turn on the receiver and I'll have active rear speakers, or will they time-out or otherwise drop the connection?



Hi Rmacmo,


Having the Wireless Link adapter sending audio to your SoundTouch 10s as surround speakers is not a setup I'd recommend as the speakers were not designed to be used in this way. You'd likely find that the time taken for the signal to be transmitted from the Link Adapter to both 10s would lead to the 10s being out of sync with the rest of the audio by quite a margin.


The signal that the Link Adapter sends to the 10s will be stereo, and you can make the 10s a stereo pair, so the left channel comes from one and the right from the other, so you could get them to play the surround audio if you set the system up as you have described, but as I said above the delay would almost certainly make this setup impractical.


I'd definitely recommend looking at wired options for your rear speakers rather than trying to use the SoundTouch 10s as you'll have a much better listening experience this way.


Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you.  Upon further reading I too now understand Bluetooth introduces too much delay for use in any kind of real-time audio like synching with a TV display.  I've found some products that say they use aptX LL, a low-latency protocol used send TV signals to headsets and remote/wireless speakers but the reviews suggest there may still be too much delay.  The only products that seem they might work look to use Wifi and are things like Yamaha's proprietary MusicCast.  Unfortunately that's only functional if both the receiver and speakers support it which requires replacing my receiver and speakers with Yamaha or another brand with similar technology.