Using L1 compact for monitor

Hello everyone

My set up is an acoustic duo
Guitar, vocals, dobro, mandolin using L1 and 2 T1s

Some of the venues require placing the L1 a bit away from the stage area due to space restrictions.
If the audience get a little loud we sometimes have a little trouble hearing our sound clearly thus reducing our enjoyment when playing…we are reluctant to simply increase the overall volume level in the interest of the audience enjoyment.
I have a compact which would fit nicely in most of the small stage areas we play though it would be quiet close to us.
The difficulty is that some stage areas would also end up being a bit of a bass trap.

My question is can I take the line out from T1 master or aux output and insert it via xlr into the mic input on the compact so as to have some control over eq with the bass and treble controls or am I in danger of damaging the compact

The idea being that the compact would basically be a stage monitor but control of bass response from it could be a problem without effecting the overall sound from the main L1 which is what the audience hear.

Any help would be great



Hi Vincent,

Great question. Thanks for being so clear.

You won’t hurt anything running a line from the T1® Aux or Main outputs to Compact Channel 1. Just watch for red lights on the Compact that would signal clipping.

Thanks for the quick reply

Any idea as to how should wire up the trs jack plug to xlr so as to input it to channel 1

Don’t want to go the trial and error method


Hi vincentvaughan,

I just tested your idea here and it works fine.

I used a cable like this:

–?8T? Please click the picture for more details ?T8?–

Click the picture. This will take you to a detailed description of how it’s wired.

Does that help?

Splendid ST

Thanks for taking the time and getting back to me so quickly

All at Bose brilliant as usual with customer service and repairs and generally keeping the band on the road

Can’t say enough nice things



I have been doing this same thing for over a year now and it works great. You can set the Master volume on the T1 so it doesn’t control the Compact. Only the Volume control on the compact will control volume. This gives you more control.

Hi Vincent,

Riffing off Roy’s post, here’s a link to how to set the T1® Master Output so that it is independent of the Master Volume control.

T1® Master Output - Pre/Post

PS - make sure that when you run this out to the Compact, the volume control (whichever channel you are using) is all the way down. Bring it up slowly.

Thanks very much for the input guys…very helpful.,

Now next question

A lot of the venues we play don’t give us the luxury of a stage area.
However some are quiet large rooms with lots of seating areas, the bar etc

The areas for setting up can simply be along a wall facing the crowd or in a corner playing across the room.

I have purchased a second L1 so basically one for each of us but again due to space etc placement of each L1 might be quiet a bit apart so the sound from both our own perspective and the audience may become a little disjointed.

The thought I have is as follows

I’m on vocals and acoustic guitar… Coming out of one L1
My partner will be on dobro, mandolin back up vocals etc playing through the second L1

To try and avoid the sound becoming disjointed when the L1’s are placed a good bit apart would it be a good idea to take a line out from my T1 into my partners L1 inserted into the power stand input with the volume control on the power stand set low so that some of my sound is coming through his L1 and visa versa… Line out from his T1 to my power stand again set low level

I hope I can be understood
Is it an idea or am I talking tommy rot? any input, advise, ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated.

I am fully aware that in an ideal world the idea is that every performer play through their own L1 but most of our set ups can be far from an ideal world

We are only interested in getting the best possible spread with out being too loud and being able to clearly hear ourselves at the same time.

Again thanks as always to all who help out here on the forum



Hi Vincent,

I don’t cross signals between L1®s but then - I rarely have them more than 20 feet apart. That 20 feet is the minimum recommended distance (from Bose) for having two L1®s playing the same sound source.

You can read more about that here. Multiple Source Interference

That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, but it does mean that you may be introducing some issues that you won’t may not hear on the stage.

Having said all that, here are some application notes on how you can wire things up. Two T1®s and Two Model II systems

Thanks ST for the lightning quick reply

It’s way past my bed time now in my part of the world

I will check out the info tomorrow and let you know how I get on