Using T4S to mold sound from vocal SM58 mike and acoustic guitar onboard Fishman Prefix blender

During video shoot, intend to Aux OUT (Mono) to a iPhone 11 through an iRig and dongle to Lightning plug of iPhone. Trouble is with over modulating in lower frequencies of mike and higher frequencies of guitar. Wonder if using Compression or Limiter in the T4S will help not over drive when the desired output is desired to be as high as possible for sonic effect and overall feel of aural tension desired. Have consulted the T4S manual and have no idea how to use the Compression or Limiter. Where do I learn how to use these effects? Many thanks! Solo act using T4S and two LT1 units.


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Hi Wonder!

Do the signal LED indicators for the input channels in use on the T4S flash red to indicate clipping?

Also, is there a reason you're using the AUX output instead of the MAIN outputs? The AUX outputs can be configured differently and are typically used for FX sends and monitor mixes (see page 21 of the owner's guide).

For explanations on compression and limiting, YouTube tutorials such as this one may be useful.

Hope this helps!

Dylan, Thanks for your input and suggestions. First, I've been using the Analog Mono Output figuring it would be best choice. But, looking further in the manual, I see that the Aux Outputs offer better control at the rotary switch for setting levels and tap points. So, now I will try using Aux Out(Send)#1 and see if I can shape the gain coming to the headset after taping into Post Fader Output. I'm only using two channels - one for vocal mike and one for guitar onboard preamp. How shall I set up the Levels of the two? 50/50 or other wise? Regarding using the main outputs, I don't see how i can plug the 1/4" male coming from the iPhone through a dongle into the ToneMatch style plug???


Regarding the compressor/gate/limiter you have pointed me in the right direction and some study of these effects will probably convince me to go very gently into the night of knocking some tops off the sound. Thanks so much for your help.

Hey Wonder,

For the simplest setup, I recommend connecting the master output 'R' labelled 'MONO' to the iRig using a 1/4" cable. This way, the iRig will receive the master mix from the T4S.