Using T8S as an audio interface

Hi I am currently using two T1 units in live performance for our trio. I am considering upgrading to the new T8S and I was wondering if it will work as an audio interface with my MacBook Pro running Studio One 3.

Hi Mark,

Yes, the T8S can work as  USB interface for recording (two channel output).

The operation with the T8S is the same for recording the T1®.  Try connecting the T1® to your MacBook Pro via USB. The MacBook Pro should recognize the T1® as a USB Audio device.

I'm not familiar with Studio One 3, but you should be able to select the Bose USB Audio device as your input source.

We have more detailed notes about how to configure the output from the T1® to the computer.

USB from T1® to PC (Computer)

If you can get things working with the T1®, the T8S will work the same way.

Does that help?


Yes thank you!

Hi Mark, I'm curious if you were successful with using the T8S with Studio One?  

Did not go ahead with the purchase, so did not get a chance to try it.


@Willy Martin I was able to get Studio One to recognize the T8.  Studio One will not accept each of the 8 channels into separate tracks.  All 8 inputs are assignable to  a mix going Left And Right  onto a stereo track or two mono tracks.  Would be great to record 8 separately wouldn't it?

I have a new T8S connected to my PC.  I am using Studio One.  It recognizes the T8 for both input and output.  However, every time I try to record a song, nothing records.  Can you be more specific on how you set up the T8S?

Hey Diana,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to see you're having this problem.

When not recording, do you still get audio from the T8S mixer when monitoring the tracks in Studio One?

Hi!  Thank you for asking.  I was finally able to get it to work.  I was not using the software correctly.


Thanks again.



I have tried so many times to use my T8 as an interface for Studio One to no avail. How did you get it to work Diana?