Volume Knob Crackling Sound

Hello Tech Folks, I own 2 L1 Model II towers and one of them presents this annoying problem. When I turn the volume knob (up or down) it makes a loud crackling and hissing noise. I have tried to use pressure air to clean around the knob but the issues persists. Any suggestions?

Hi Jablon,

Cleaning it was a good idea, however it may be that the volume control itself is noisy. Give us a call directly at 1(877)335-2673 and will discuss the best fix.

Thank you,

I have this problem with my Bose L1 Version II too. I'm sitting here in Germany. What should I do?

Hello roehrlj, 


I would suggest contacting our local support team at  49-617-28-889-818.


I hope this helps!