Vox Stomplab 1G

I have had several multi effect type pedals. Out of the box, the Stomplab 1G was pretty impressive plugging it into my Compact. I did a little research on it as far as reviews go. Without even knowing how it really functions and just plugging in and playing and running through the presets, I found many useful tones.
Many of the complaints on it were of the battery compartment having to be accessed by pulling the four screws on the back. It is a pain, but many quality and pricier pedals are built the same way. The construction of it is not that heavy duty either. It does not come with a power supply, but would do you expect for $69.00.
I liked the look of it with the chicken head knobs. Some people complained about learning how to access and edit features. I have not got into it myself yet. After previewing the manual, it does not seem much different than any other multi effect pedal.
In any case, I wanted to bring attention to this pedal. For one on a budget and looking for this type of pedal, I think it is a lot of bang for the buck at $69.00. I will report back after playing around with it some more. Would love to hear other reports on it, if you have used it.

Hi macheted01,

Thanks for posting about the Vox StompLab 1G

It’s always fun to explore new ways to get different sounds out of a guitar.

I looked through the site and watched the video. That’s a lot of sound in a tiny box.

I hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun.