Warranty replacement time

I have just started a warranty replacement procedure but i notice the delay in supplying my replacement is quoted as 4 weeks.

The sleepbuds have helped greatly with my tinitus and the though of being without them for a month is a little worrying.

I remenber when i first purchased my sleepbuds i was advised the delivery was going to be a little while but i thought at the time this was due to the pandemic but it seems this is normal for Bose.

There used to be a Bose store in Portsmouth (UK) but when i checked the Bose site for stores it looks as though that has closed. I was hopeing it would be possible to get them replaced in store.

I'm not sure there are any stores in the UK!

Is the month wait for replacements the best Bose can do?




I think Bose closed most, if not all, of their stores.