Way to adjust bass on L1 pro via T4S with Aux5/6 input?

Hi all,


I have a T4s connected to L1 Pro 8 with Tonematch digital cable, audio is from TV(3.5mm) to Aux in5/6 on T4s,  is there a way to adjust the bass level, because i feel the bass is little bit heavy so i am looking for a way to lower it, but it seems the bass adjustment knob on L1 pro 8 is not effecting it when using T4s.


Now i connected the TV to input 3&4 so i could adjust the bass level, maybe there's a better way?




Hello yk1988,


The Aux in 5/6 are simply pass-through channels that go direct to the the main outs with no tone processing.  They behave similarly to effects return channels on other mixers. The only possible adjustment is signal level via the Pan/Aux menu.  As you have discovered, going into the main channels is the only way to perform tone processing.


The tone controls on the L1 Pro 8 only affect channels 1, 2, and 3 and do not apply to the Tonematch port.


The only other ways I can think to use Aux 5/6 (all of which require additional complexity or expense):

  • Connect the T4S main outs to the L1 Pro 8's channels 1 & 2 via analog cables to channels 1 and 2.  But that is 1) an inefficient use of channels, would require an external power supply for the T4S (you can't separate the "power" function of the Tonematch cable from the "signal" function), and any tone adjustments you make on the L1 Pro 8 would affect all signals coming from the T4S.
  • Get another mixer to process the signal from your TV and feed that to Aux 5/6 or directly to your L1 Pro 8.
  • Return your T4S and get a T8S, so you'll have more channels available.

Does that help?

Hello yk1988,


As far as I know, these are the ways you can adjust bass on the T4S.


Using channels 3 and 4 you have zEQ available to adjust low/mid/high frequencies as well as the Para EQ for more granular control.


There is also a Master Out EQ (under Prefs) which is a 6-band graphic equalizer put on the master mix output.  Using AUX inputs (5/6) this could be a way to cut the low frequencies.


Hope that helps.

Thanks, Jay_55!  I never noticed the Master Out EQ before!  I need to go back and read the manual again to see what else I've missed!