What is louder Solo 5 or Solo series ii

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Great question!  I owned both and compared them before I decided which one to keep. If my memory serves me correctly, the are about exactly the same as to maximum volume. The differences in sound is that the Series II is tuned just a tad brighter and is more accurate with tighter bass than the Solo 5. The solo 5 sounds deeper (some may describe it as “warmer”) but is actually less accurate and gets to sounding muddy with detailed tracks.  So I chose the Solo II on sound, but everyone hears slightly differently and others may prefer or be used to the warmer sound signature of the original. With either SoundBar, the best audio quality comes via optical cable to the tv. The Bluetooth also sounds good!


The other differences are the aesthetics. They are both exactly the same size but the original looks smaller because it has tapered edges. Also, the new one has lost the silver Bose logo on the front grill. Furthermore , the new one has a smaller and simplified remote as opposed to the programable universal remote that typically comes with the Solo 5.  Final difference is that the Series II comes with the wall bracket in the box. At least my version “club” version did. 

Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Another thought..

You might also want to consider the new Bose TV speaker. It sounds better than either of the Solos and gets slightly louder. It has an additional driver  - one center tweeter and two full range). Yet, the full range drivers in the TV Speaker are larger and can produce much better bass. It goes deeper and is tighter. The TV Speaker does not sit as tall as the Solo SoundBars though it is a couple of inches longer. Finally, the TV Speaker gives you the option of adding a Bass Module, while the Solo’s do not. Indeed, the TV Speaker is worth the $250 in my opinion.