What is this called highlighted in yellow


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(I do not work for Bose)

I believe that is the thing that the ear cushion slips into and will hold it in place (i.e., so it doesn't fall out).


Hi, Do you know what it is called, and can I get a replacement?


(I do not work for Bose)

Are you referring to the plastic or the ear cushions?  For the later, you can, for example go to eBay or Amazon and do a search on the name of your Bose product (like QC35, QC25, or QC15) and 'ear cushion'.  You'll probably get many many matches.

If you are referring to the plastic that you have highlighted in yellow, it is not a part and can not be replaced.  If that is an issue for you, you need to call Bose and arrange for an exchange - they do not repair.  You may need to pay unless it is under warranty and is a defect or normal wear and tear.


He is obviously not referring to the cushion.

His cushions are made with hot dog sausages.

I think this is the issue.. so in this case these highlighted in yellow are simply plates I'd say...


Put some mustard on it, should be okay.
It looks delicious IMO 🤣