Whats the new model thats replacing the soundtouch30?

i got into the Bose universe with a test purchase of the soundtouch10 a few years ago and am extremely thrilled with it. now when i want to upgrade to a soundtouch 30, i'm not able find one anywhere. is there a new version of st30 coming up? or a similar spec speaker system that i can consider? i dont want this alexa google assistant thing on my speaker.

APAC region. specifically india. 


At this stage there is no updated or replacement version of the ST30 and Bose do not discuss upcoming products until they get announced.  So it could be months, years or they may not even replace it.


The closest in function would be the Home Speaker 500 which in my opinion is the equivilant of the ST20.  Better sound (but a different style of speaker) would be the S1 Pro.  While I would use it for parties, I wouldn't use it in a normal home environment.


FYI while the home speakers are capable of Alexa/Google, unless you sign in on them, they are not activated.  And realistically, any new networked speaker from Bose will likely have the assistants built in anyway.

thank you very much for your reply. i guess i'll have to wait. i also considered the devialet phantom but its very pricey and i'm quite happy with the price points of Bose. 

 If the Bose Smart Speaker 500 is a little small for your liking (I agree, it is akin the the ST20) you may be waiting a while for something bigger from Bose. Deviate is impressive but is very im$$ive. Other option Denon makes a nice sounding network speaker equivalent to the ST30 for factor. BlueSound makes a very nice sounding suite of network speakers worthy of a look.


To bad Bose doesn’t offer a larger network speaker for their Smart Home line.

Thank you very much for your reply! will definitely look at the Denon and Bluesound as well. problem is, there's not many retailers in india who stock and sell at a reasonable price. but i guess there's a denon retailer somewhere around..