Where is bose support?!

I ordered the mic gaming set without the headphones from Bose through their chat.  They charged me around $88, and never sent it. I emailed them and it auto-responds that basically their email support is crap, try something else. I looked for a phone number, there isn't one. I tried their chat, and every time I've tried it they say they have no idea, that they'll "escalate it" and wait for an email. An email that never comes. Bose ripped me off for $88. HOW DO YOU SPEAK TO A BOSE REP!!!!!


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Hi , thanks for posting!


I am sorry that you've not yet received your USB desktop controller and gaming boom microphone. 


To find the appropriate contact details, please go to Global Contact Us > Select your country > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click 'Contact Us'.


If you're in the US, has kindly provided a direct link to the US contact page. 🙂

Sorry but there is no actual info on how to get support on their support page, it's just a hub for FAQ type stuff. Bose has made it incredibly difficult to get actual help from their own staff. Unacceptable for a company that charges so much for their products.

Could you let me know which country you are in? I'll be happy to grab the details for you.

United States.


Thank you for the help. Not sure if you work for them, but if so, please accept some feedback:


The phone number should be front and present and easy to see on the website and contact page, not just faq links, and a working email address that has actual people working on it should also be a highly visible option. Getting an auto-response that actually tells you (and I quote) "After extensive customer feedback we’ve learned that email isn’t the most efficient communication method in ensuring we can satisfactorily resolve your concerns." is absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe someone approved that! Yes, I know "we" bug, but we're paying a lot of money for Bose products, and if there's an issue (in my case, order never even shipped), I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to find out what's going on.