Wi-Fi LED Indicator is always DIM

According to the manual, Wi-Fi indicator shows the Wi-Fi connection status of the system as follows:

- Solid white (dim) - Power saving mode and connected to Wi-Fi network.
- Solid white (bright) - System is on and connected to Wi-Fi network.

This does NOT happen. LED indicator is ALWAYS DIM, which is awful when the speaker is on and the TV LED indicator next to it is solid white BRIGHT. 

As you know, before the latest update (24.0.7) the Wi-Fi indicator was ALWAYS BRIGHT (btw, a far better option). 

Could you fix this simple and annoying bug? Please!

Many thanks! 



Thanks for reaching out to the community. Sorry you're having this experience, we'd love to look into this with you. 


So I can provide you with the most accurate information, what product do you own? Please use this link to help you in identifying your product model. 

SoundTouch 300 soundbar

serial number **[Hidden by Moderator]**


Mine also always dim, since forever. Reason unknown. Either the manual is false, or the firmware has been changed at some point and is making the soundtouch not acting as it should. Also this issue has been brought up multiple times over all the the other non-english forums.


There are so many quirks with software for the bose products that this alone would be a reason to stay away from bose in the future.

I have to say I am disappointed with this Bose system it has been awful from the start. I am having this issue also has a solution been offered or should I just go buy a sonos 

Hi andrey6699,


I'm sorry to hear you're also encountering an issue with the LED on your system. Do you also have the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, and has it been working properly with your TV to play audio, even with the LED dim? Also, are you experiencing any other particular problems with your system that we could help with?