Will there be another batch of new sounds?

I have been happy with the comfort-level and noise blocking capacity of the sleep earbuds, but unfortunately there are no sounds available that mask my tinnitus, making the earbuds of no use to me. Specifically, a version of the 'Mist' (perhaps 'Frost', although it may be too harsh) white noise centred around 8000Hz would be perfect, and I'm almost certain the earbuds would then be the solution I've been seeking for years.


Will there be another batch of new sounds, and if so, are any details available about the schedule or the sounds that would be included? Sadly, I think I will have to return the earbuds, without being sure whether or not there will ever be a suitable sound for me, but I would buy them again if one were to appear.

Hi , thanks for posting! 


At this current time, we do not have any news to share regarding new sounds for the Sleepbuds II. I will be sure to pass along your comments to our development team for consideration.


Let me know if you have any questions.