Windows 10 compatibility?

We’ve started getting questions about Windows10 compatibility. Have we started any testing and/or have any known issues or recommendations to people attempting to use Win10?

Hi David,

when I’m out of office for installations here and there, I normally use ControlSpace Designer on a PC with Windows 10. I’m using it since Windows 10 became available to download months ago, and I upgraded from Windows 7.
To be honest, I have not encountered any particular issue using it in the typical CS systems I normally work on.

Thanks Moreno,

David - that’s pretty much where we are - we have done some preliminary testing with Windows 10 and have not encountered any issues - we have also not heard of any Windows 10 related issues from the field - but we haven’t yet completed an exhaustive test with it…

In short - we think it’s OK, but haven’t tested thoroughly enough to confirm it…

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Just a data point.I am running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro3 and haven’t had any issues running CSD at all.

Great, thanks for sharing that Levi…

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