Wireless Link Adapter to Lifestyle Roommate Powered Speaker with a Remote

Using the Soundtouch app and Windows Media Player on my PC, two questions:

1. Can I use a Wireless Link Adapter to drive my existing Lifestyle RoomMate Powered Speaker from Windows Media Player in my PC?

2. Is there a remote that I can put near the Wireless Link Adapter/Roomate Powered Speaker so that I don't have to go to my PC or use my cell phone app to control it?




Hi Reg1987,


Thanks for the question!

You can connect the Wireless Link Adapter to your RoomMate speakers, and play audio from Windows Media Player. With audio from Windows Media Player, you have the choice of connecting the music library to the SoundTouch app as shown HERE, or by using a Bluetooth connection from your computer as shown HERE, if your computer supports Bluetooth.


There isn't any remote you would be able to use with the Link Adapter though, any control of the music would need to be done from the PC, or from the SoundTouch app on your cell phone.


If you have any further questions, let me know!

Had difficulty getting the app to recognize the Wireless Link Adapter (WLA).  But, I finally did made connection to the WLA.  Then the app next wanted to find the speaker.  That connection never worked.  I am connected from the WLA "audio out" to the the "aux input" port on a Lifestyle Roommate powered speaker.  Thought if you used the WLA you could then plug into any speaker system, and didn't need a sound touch speaker.  The app was sure looking for one.


Need some guidance please.  I am not making it work.



Solved.  Wireless Link Adapter is connected to my wifi and to my Lifestyle Roommate Speaker.  It can be controlled by the app on my computer or the one on my cell phone. All seems to now be working fine.  I'll try it for awhile and then probably add others to the system for other rooms.