Bose l1 Pro with Tonematch Mixers (T1, T4s, T8s)

Can you use the analogue inputs on the L1 Pro and the digital connection input from the Tonematch mixers at the same time?


Jim S.

From my understanding, yes. The t4 or t8 would add more inputs, but you could still use all of the inputs on the l1pro as well. You can even use the Bluetooth, 1/4" and 1/8" on channel 3 at the same time. 

I don't see anything that says the T1 works with the L1 pro's

The T1 powers up ok with the L1 Pro but you have to use a  separate cable from the main out of the T1 to one of the input channels 

Thanks for the replies. Looks promising.

Surprised that the T1 does not digitally connect to the L1 Pro. (Wouldn't expect the T1 to figure in the Bose documentation, since Bose don't market the T1 anymore.)

Jim S.

Disappointing the original tone match t1 only powers up with the new Bose l1 pro’s. 
And doesn’t control it?

surely all the digital ports are the same?

Hi all,

Regarding T1 compatibility with the L1 Pro systems: The architecture of the T1 ToneMatch differs from that of the T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers, and is not compatible with the L1 Pro’s S/PDIF audio architecture.

The T1 ToneMatch is based on S/PDIF, but with a proprietary connection for legacy L1 products which allows them to carry other data such as firmware updates. The T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers use an updated version of ToneMatch protocol, which is compatible with with legacy L1 products, but also fully compatible with S/PDIF. Since the L1 Pro architecture is designed to use standard S/PDIF protocol, the T1 ToneMatch cannot communicate the same way and is unable to send audio via the ToneMatch port.

Although the T1 ToneMatch is unable to send audio it can still receive power from an L1 Pro system via the ToneMatch port. In order for the the L1 Pro system to receive audio, users of the T1 ToneMatch would need to connect the analog main out of the T1 to an available input on the L1 Pro system.

Bose could have made it fully compatible ... What better way to sell more T4 and T8 than to make the T1 obsolete

I half expected that the t1 wouldn’t be compatible. 


the t8s isn’t powered by the Bose l1 model 2 digital cable. 

I suppose companies have to move on.  The t1 tonematch is over 10 yes old 

Someone please advise customer service. I recently called and specifically asked the question of compatibility and was told the T1 would work.


Bose is not doing a great job on this product introduction. 



Hey Oldghm I am very sorry to hear of the conflicting information, I will get that fed back for training and quality.


We always try our best to ensure that all of our support staff are well equipped with the knowledge/materials to address these types of questions. It does seem that despite our efforts, this particular inquiry has caught us off guard and we will certainly learn from this moving forward.


Thanks for the feedback it is truly appreciated!

This is complete BS that the T1 doesnt work!!!!   I just traded in my L1S which the T1 worked flawlessly with-  This is BS.  I may just take the pro8 back.  I was on a gig tonight and was already running late- just got this Pro8- this really messed me up tonight!!

This is complete BS that the T1 doesnt work!!!!   I just traded in my L1S which the T1 worked flawlessly with-  This is BS.  I may just take the pro8 back.  I was on a gig tonight and was already running late- just got this Pro8- this really messed me up tonight!!

I share your frustration.  At least it POWERS the T1, saving us from having to use the power supply.  I think Bose is going to get alot of grief over this one.  They probably could have added a second ToneMatch port for the T1 to assuage the thousands of people who still use the T1.

I am substantially disappointed that the T-1 does not work with the new L1 Pro system. I guess it will work, but I still need another cable and have to dedicate a L1 Pro channel to it. This was a selling point for me to upgrade. To not be up front about this to those that are investing several thousand dollars to upgrade a Bose product is very poor form

I just ordered the L1 Pro 16.  I have a T1 that I’ve customized my sound as solo with iPad and backing tracks around.  Will connecting my T1 to the Pro 16 via analog out allow the T1 to maintain the settings I’ve established for my tones (ZQ, EQ, Para EQ, Reverbs, etc)?  I E —> Is my sound going to change because the T1 doesn’t “talk” to the Pro 16 the way it “talks” to my L1 Mod 2 with B1?

Not only that, but I (as most I suspect), have customized my sound on a per-channel basis, around the “dialable” settings on my 2x T1’s.  The one I take to gigs has different scenes saved … based upon my experience having played the venues so often.  An open air beach is different from an EQ standpoint, than a closed-in small club room, or a loud bar with stage.


My new Pro 16 is going to force me to build new settings on my iPad … where I can run the mixer App wirelessly (I guess??).


Bottom line, T1 incompatibility with the new Pro series is a needless drawback.


I’m a devoted Bose customer, having owned EVERY model of the L1 they have ever made, going back to product launch 10-12 years ago.  Remember the round base unit that the tower dropped into?  Yep .. had one with a pre-T1 non-Bose mixer for channels and reverb.

I'm glad Bose had the foresight to include an analog out on the T1 to ensure its longevity and future compatibility.  If they had made it compatible with only the Model II, they would have sold fewer units and rendered them totally obsolete when the Model II and 1s were discontinued.


The mix sent by the T1 to the L1 Pro, or L1 Model II, or any third-party speaker is the same regardless of whether you use the analog 1/4" out or the ToneMatch port.  Just run the ToneMatch cable for power to the T1, and a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS balanced cable from the T1 analog out to the Pro 16's channel 3 (leaving its settings flat) and you will have the same signal as you would have sent to the L1 Model II.


Will it sound exactly the same as the Model II?  Of course not -- the Pro 16 is a different animal, just as any other speaker would be.  Even if the Pro 16 had the same digital audio connection, you would have very likely had to tweak all your scenes anyway given the difference in design!  Just back up all your T1 scenes before starting your adjustments so you'll have a baseline to go back to if necessary.


Unfortunately, in this digital world, trying to make a brand new system with advanced features work with 12-year-old technology would probably compromise the improvements.


Does that help?

Understood Fish-54, and I’m coming at this new chapter, and live sound device, with a new perspective.  I’m going to give it my best shot, I’m ready to spend the hours it will require to build a new “scene”.  One fashioned around blue tooth connectivity (it BETTER WORK man!!), and a (maybe) an on stage “mixer” located on an iPad??? … rather than my trusted T1.


We shall see … if the Pro-16 is returned for a refund, it will not be because of laziness, or lack of effort.

And by the way, I greatly admire your willingness to stand in there and take the arrows.  We working musicians are an emotionally charged bunch.  We want what we want … and we get it (most of the time).  It’s why we do what we do .. and to be fair, Bose has allowed this old war horse to continue setting up, and playing my gigs, LONG PAST what most would have predicted to be my “expiration date”.


Rock on Fish!!  And thanks for what you’re doing here on this board 👍🏻

Hey TuneSmith54,


Thanks.  I think from our usernames, we may be exactly the same generation, and yes -- Bose has made it easier to keep performing (except it seems that every piece of equipment gains a pound or two between gigs!)  Me, I don't plan to use Bluetooth for performing (except maybe for break music) as long as my T1 or T8S continue to work.


As for arrows, no worries.  I've pitched a few -- neither Bose nor any other vendor have made a completely perfect product!  I just have a few extra minutes here and there to try to help others with physical connections.  Tone, loudness, musical taste -- those are all subjective and I try to stay away from them.  All the rest is just fun!