Gaming Accessories available for vanilla QC 35 II?

In light of the new QC 35 II Gaming Headset, do you think that the Gaming Module Mic and PC Desktop Controller will be available for purchase separately? This would be great to "convert" an existing QC 35 II if that happens.

Same question here, is the gaming module going to be sold separately??

i hope so. 



Thanks for reaching out!


The Bose Gaming Headset is a stand-alone product. At this time we have no plans to sell these components as accessories. I will however pass on your comments. 😊


[Update - 18 June 2021]

Hi everyone,


Thanks for your feedback. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Gaming Accessory kit is now available directly from our Customer service team for customers based in the US and Canada (EN/FR). We do not have additional details on availability in other regions at this time.


You can find more information in our announcement post HERE.

I would be first in line if this came standalone! Was sad to see it was not available standalone, love my MK 2 QC35's


And I'd be right behind you!

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Hopefully it will be considered! 🤞

Dear Tegan_M


I would like the microphone as a standalone accessory as well. Don't care much for the roller.

2 more ideas i would like you to submit are these:

- Let us use the microphone with the phone, so that we can finally have meaningful conversations in environments that are anything except completely quiet.

- Let us use the microphone over bluetooth. So that we can walk around the room and have conference calls.


I simply want to have conversations using these headphones. The 700 are great at conversations but not great at ergonomics because they are on-ear not over-ear.

P.S. Does anyone if this microphone makes use of background noise cancelation? Does it work in windy and generally high noise environments ?

Hey Mariusu, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to forward this on for you. 


In regards to the microphone, are you referring to the boom microphone or the standard microphone that is built into the headset? 


I look forward to your reply and would love to hear other feature requests from users. 

I would definitely want this option.  I would need to order the gaming adapter and desktop controller.  I'm seriously disappointed if we don't have this option as I just  got these within the last year.  The microphone and controller add on would solve many issues I am having with my current needs for work. 

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of people who want the microphone module to be sold separately. As an owner of the QC35 ii, it doesn't make sense for me to have to buy the same headphones again to get a modular component. Some third-party vendors offer a solution today, but I want it to be BOSE quality end to end. I'm hoping this is a temporary delay as you need all the manufacturing capacity for mic modules to go toward the full headsets, and that once the initial demand is met, you'll divert some of that capacity toward a stand-alone product. The sooner the better!


Also, please price these reasonably to reward customers who've jumped in and purchased your product before you offered gaming functionality.  Right now, the preorder price for the Gaming version of the headset is only $30 more than what you're charging for the standard QC35 ii. If the headset module alone is dramatically more than that, it's going to be hard to justify the purchase. If you keep it reasonable, you'll sell a ton of these to your existing customers. The gaming community is one that doesn't forget when a company does right, or wrong by them, (just ask Microsoft or Electronic Arts).


Thanks for passing along our comments. 

I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that it's impossible to offer the gaming attachments separately. You have a large consumer base of users who already own the QC 35 II's because they have been out for several years. At least some of your customers who already own these headphones are gamers. Selling the gaming attachments strictly with a brand new set of headphones does not help needs specific to the gamers who are already your customers.


I first bought these headphones to benefit me as a student, and they served their purpose well. Now that I am no longer a student, I need headphones that have a mic that's suitable for gaming. By not selling the gaming attachment as an accessory to support your large number of customers who already own the vanilla QC's, you are forcing my hand to buy an entire new gaming headset (from another company, by the way), which I don't really look forward to. I suspect that there are many more of your customers who share the same feelings.

Congratulations! Looks like you succeeded in launching a product that the gaming community loves. But there is also a sizeable market of loyal Bose customers like myself who is not a gamer but sees the value of buying the mic accessory to adapt to the changing market needs. I bought my QC 35s mainly for long haul flights across the Pacific and sometimes across the Atlantic, it has served me well for many years and I never complained that I can never make a good phone call on my QC 35s. Since my last long haul flight was in 1st qtr 2020 and may not happen for another half a year my QC 35s have been parked since its not as effective for my current need for web conferencing. I ended up using a different headset for my web conferencing needs. I am willing to try to repurpose my beloved QC35s if the gaming headset/accessory will be available as an option. By the way, I have just ordered a new set of ear cushions for my QC 35s, if the price of the mic is comparable I would mind ordering as soon as it become available.

Bose should also think about the waste they produce, and the environmental impact. By making this accessory available, it allows those like me to keep my super QC35, and on your side to sell a complementary accessory and get more money while limiting waste.
You can see from browsing this forum that not working on making this accessory available separately, degrades your image and creates a negative opinion of your brand, which is definitely not what you are looking for, are you ?
I hope you will have positive news soon, because believe me as soon as this accessory is available it will sell like hot cakes.


Kind regards,


Immediately after I leaned that a gaming version of the QC35 II existed, I spent 20 minutes online searching for a separately-sold boom mic. Then I came across the faq that said it wouldn't be sold a la carte  I'm very disappointed as I owned QC25, upgraded to the 35, now own the 35II.  I also own a soundtouch surround system and have 2 sets of pulse soundsport buds.  Bose, please take notice. 

I have a question on this. If the gaming boom mic is not going to be sold separately, what should we do if the cable snaps but the QC35 II portion works perfectly fine? What if we would like to purchase a spare boom microphone for our current QC35 II Gaming Headsets in case something like this happens?

Hey 95AMP, 


Welcome to the Community! If this does happen our team will be able to provide you with assistance for this. 


All you will need to do is reach out to your regional Bose customer support team and then provide us with your gaming headsets serial number. To find your regional support page, click this link here and then visit the Contact Us page.


If you have any further questions, please do let me know. 

I recently purchased the QC 35 ii over the holidays. Is there really no way to get the gaming mic addition? I would hate to return these... 

I have 3 pairs of QC 35 II’s.  2 are connected to Xbox Series X and PS5, the 3rd is my travel pair.  I want the Boom mic module for the 2 connected to my consoles.  Bose is being like Disney and not having “Baby Yoda” merchandise ready for sale.  Bose, don’t be like Disney, take our money!

Dear Bose, I own and love my Bose QC35 IIs. In fact, I have a few friends who also purchased the QC35 IIs based on my recommendation. Given the pandemic, we have all started to game and use discord. We would buy the boom mic sound toggle kit instantly! Even at a significant markup! Please, please, please start selling it separately! It does not make any sense for us to buy the exact same headphones just for the mic. Thanks!

Hey guys,

I would like to buy separately mic for BOSE QC II (I won't buy the whole set, because what would I do with my QC II then?).


Please consider selling them separately. I wouldn't like to buy any other third party mics that goes with QC (and you can find them easily on Amazon).