L1 Pro 16 "wobbly column" with the extension fitted

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Seen a number of videos and  reviews that have highlighted instability of the column array when mounted with the extension piece onto the subwoofer.


Looking for a comment from Bose. Is this peculiar to the Pro 16? Is the array more stable without the extension? Does the Pro 8 have the same issue?


Looking to upgrade from my L1 IIs but this would be an issue for me.


Jim S.

Yes there is a bit of "wobble" in mine too.  It helps you really press it in firmly before you put the array on top.  They should retool and put the blade style attachment back into play like on the "legacy" products

I am looking at this particular PA, and I have to wonder how often I will use the extension.  Since it looks to be only 12-18 inches will it really matter?  I realize that is not the question, and I agree that if I spend this kind of money on a PA, every part should be great, but I wonder if I will use the extension enough to justify concern??


I have loved my L1 Model2 and my s1 pro, so i have no reason to believe I will not love this one as well.


Curious how many others will or will not use the extension. 

It depends what you want to do with it.

I will most likely keep the extension so that a dancing crowd can hear the music well ...


If ceiling height allows, always use the extension.  It takes the upper drivers over heads and gives you your maximum array throw distance

This really concerns me too.  Nearly everyone who has tested the L1 Pro speakers is complaining of this, and some are even returning the item because the build quality is just not what it used to be.




It should not have this much play at all, and especially for its price point.


I will wait until BOSE gets on this and resolves the issue before upgrading.


Please, BOSE, I hope you are listening 



So, I just watched a guy wiggling a line array column for 9 min ....

Could have done it in a minute and get the point across.

I have a couple of dump questions:

Are you standing at your speaker during a gig and move it back and forth?

Are you concerned about a drunk guy running into the speaker?


Yes there is some movement. All line array move to some degree. Physics.

My compact does too.

Never had a problem.

Plays music just fine a high volumes without moving at all.

No speaker will be save if a drunk guy falls into it. He will tear it down. Physics.

Even though I agree that it could be a better fit it does not in any away impact the performance of the speaker.

I am a musician. The clarity of my voice is unparalleled with my new L1 Pro16.

For DJ's it might not matter as much. I don't know.

I know that this speaker will be with me for a very long time and I have no doubt that it will do fine and not fall over on it's own.

I see a lot of post's and videos these days that are very polarized.

Small things are often blown out of proportion.

Yes, the speaker is expensive, yes it should be built well, no it is not as bad as described.

Again, I don't think that a little wiggle will have an impact on the performance of the speaker at all.

I am very happy with mine.


Love the sound from my Bose L1 Model IIs and fully expect the sound from the L1 Pro Range to be as good, if not better.


From what I've researched so far, the problem with the L1 Pro 16 is the plastic extension piece which gives rise to the "wobble": the column array is reported to be secure and stable when not using the extension piece.


Can anybody tell me what the overall system height of the Pro 16 is without the extension piece?



Jim S.

Much more stable withouth the extender

I have been thinking about getting a Bose line array for a while now and when I heard about the new l1 Pros I decided I was going to get the pro16. Watching these videos of the wobble I have decided not to get it and am disappointed. If I am spending that kind of money I want something that will last a long time and is built well. I hope Bose addresses this issue quickly.    

The wobbly issue combined with the difficulty in pulling the pieces apart (you have to wiggle them and pull very hard to get them apart) will lead to the plastic fittings that merge and line up the array becoming weak over time and possible creating more wobble and even cracking/breaking.  I have the 16 and can definitely see the possibility of this happening

I agree. For the price, these should inspire the same confidence in sturdiness. And if they do redo the extender, I hope they re-introduce the slot in the back that allows attaching the ToneMatch mixer on the column like  you can with the Model I and II. I've thought about moving to a Pro, but don’t want to give up this functionality (and don't understand why they would have removed it as if it wasn't important to more than a few of us).

Hi all,

We appreciate the feedback provided and have forwarded these details to our development team for further review/consideration.


The wobble experienced by some users is expected with any system that uses a similar array design. The Pro16 extensions are made of polypropylene plastic which has proven to have a high flexural strength and has passed all quality, reliability, and safety tests.


The wobble will not impact the performance of the system as the connections between the array, extender and Powerstand are very secure and would require a significant amount of force to damage. The L1 Pro16 meets the same horizontal force stability requirements, or tip testing requirements, that all our L1 legacy products, and current family of L1 Pro products meet. In addition, the electrical connectors used in the L1 Pro16 are the same that have been used on legacy L1 products, which have 17 years of field usage and satisfactory performance.


As with any of our products, if you are experiencing any issues or are not satisfied with the performance of your product, please go to your regional support site to review the options available to you.

Thank you for the clarification.

I do feel that my Pro16 is reasonably well built and that a little wobble will not impact my speaker in any way. I had to use force to get my compact extensions apart. Never had a problem in 10 years and they are tight as ever.


I completely agree. I have an L1 Compact and was planning to upgrade to the Pro16 but now don't think I will based on the wobbly column. 

Wobble is there and it’s in most (if not every) unit, and it caused by the extender. 


I really hope Bose will come out with a better sturdier metal extender that can be bought separately for those of us that have already purchased the pro 16s.

I just received my Pro16 this evening. Haven’t had time to put it thru the ringer but I was not too bothered by the wobbly column. It certainly would be nice if it didn’t wobble. It would just FEEL more solid. I would not let it stop me from buying it. It would take a lot to make the column come out or become disconnected. It’s not too much different than the Compact or Model2. 

After testing a Pro16 myself, I don't find the wobble to be an issue. It may not feel sturdy when you manually wobble it with your hand, but simulate someone bumping into it and you'll see that the connections are tight and the column will definitely not separate with normal use, even with the accidental bump. 

Hi Joe, according to the Youtube video from Bose 'L1 pro systems vs L1 Legacy systems', the L1 Pro 16 is the upgrade from the L1 Model 1S and the L1 Pro 32 is the upgrade from the L1 Model 2. I was just wondering with you owning the Pro 16 do you think the Pro 16 is anywhere near the L1 Model 2. I have a dilemma and wanted to upgrade and I like the sound of the L1 model 2, I just wondered if you might have any observations on this.

Thank you Tony Parnham