New Quiet Comfort Earbuds no sound from left earbud



Yesterday I received a pair for of the new QC Earbuds.  There is no sound from the left earbud while playing music.  I have tried 3 different devices (Galaxy Note 9, IPAD, and Laptop computer) all with the same results.   The buds have the most updated firmware, and I have also tried resetting them.  None of which has worked.


Please let me know where to go from here.

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Thanks for reaching out to us!


I'm sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the left earbud. I'll be happy to help where I can. 


I would recommend that you try clearing the pairing list. I have included a LINK HERE to help you. Once you have done this you can then connect again. 


I'd love to know if this helps! 

I had tried that also, and tried it again with phone support.  Their assessment was to send them back.

I have the same issue. I just got these right now from best buy. I preordered them on release day. I spent at least two hours troubleshooting it and trying it with different devices. All the same result. Left earbud doesnt play music. This is disappointing from bose. I';ll be returning first thing in the morning.

I am having the same issue. And customer service was down when I called. I never revive the call back as promised. What a disappointment. 

Same problem here. Everything worked fine until this morning. I tried everything (total reset, different devices etc.). I also noticed the noise cancelling on the right bud, cuts out every 10sec.

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Thanks for joining the discussion. We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your earbuds. If you've not already been in contact with your local support teams, we'd like to know more.


To confirm, are both earbuds outside of the case, and being used simultaneously? Can you also confirm the LED status of the indicator on both left and right earbuds when in use; are they solid blue? Should you not have previously attempted so, please be sure to reset your headphones. To do this, please follow the guide HERE.


If issues persist, please confirm what device(s) that you're using with the headset, and that the firmware for the headphones has been updated to 1.0.7. Thanks for all of your inputs.

I just received my earbuds today and experienced the same problem.

Initially I connected to my phone and it was working without issues.  I disconnected my phone and paired the earbuds to my laptop and the left earbud stopped working where the left stereo sound would not come through.  The ANC was still working in the left earbud though.  I unpaired the earbuds and tried pairing again but the issue persisted.

Unpairing the earbuds from the laptop and back on to my phone resulted in both earbuds sounding normal again.  I haven't tried pairing to my laptop again.

Hello, I just purchased the bose QC earbuds, they worked for a few days and now the left earbud will not play. It will boot up when I it in my ear and tell me that it is connected, but only the right earbud will play anything. I have reset the headphones several times and nothing works. When I place the earbud in the charging case, the white light blinks on the left earbud, however it says it is 100% charged. How can this be fixed? 

Recently my sound sports finally died after a year's worth of heavy use I went out and bought the brand new QuietComfort earbuds. It's been about two and a half weeks and now the left ear bud doesn't make any sound. Needless to say I'm not too thrilled. Please advise steps to remedy this issue

I have a brand new Bose QuietComfort EarBuds bought less than a month. The left ear seems not be working at all. There is no sounds in the left ear other than the welcome message and battery percentage message. I have tried with my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, office laptop HP with Windows 10 and my wife's android phone as well.


Tried rebooting the earbuds, tried entirely draining the power, tried fully charging them, restarting the connecting streaming devices, etc. but no solution. Anyone having the same problem?


Feeling really bad to have spent so much on this and then be stuck with a situation like this.

Today I just received my earbuds which I was very excited about, but it is disappointing that when I was making a call, I changed the option to hear myself better and POUM, there was a cut, and suddenly it appeared that my left earbud was without battery when 1 ago min was at 50%. Now when I try to connect them it only connects and the right side glows blue. When they are in the box, they both glow white, but the left one does not glow blue.

My left QuietComfort earbud stopped working also today. I have had them a few weeks and had been fine until today. I followed the steps posted by support in this thread, but it did not work. I called support and they are sending me a UPS return for a replacement.

The same happens to mine suddenly after 2 weeks of usage. Though I did all the suggestions in this topics (and the firmware version is the latest), still the left piece did not work. any other way to fix it? 

Same problem Sigh. Today is sunday and support is closed, so hopefully someone can send me a new pair tomorrow.

  • I bought this pair of headphones about 3 weeks ago and have loved them. I've had no problem until about yesterday when the left side stopped playing music. I don't think its syncing up at all. When I take the bud (left) out of the case I hear the prompt stating that it is connecting to my device. It used to say "connected to Samsung- sm- g950u". but up until yesterday the prompt cuts off mid sentence and states "connected to Samsu-..." And then the prompt continues to play through the right earbud. Ive attempted to unpair and repair over and over again. Deleting all connections to the earbuds from my phone and repairing. This doesn't fix the isssue. I have no audio playing out of the left ear.  After a while, I noticed that the earbud sounded like it was attemtpting to determine if it was actually in my ear or not. It sounded like it was attempting to test something or reset every couple of seconds or something. I don't really know. All I know is I bought this 3 weeks ago so I dont exactly understand why I'm already having issues. The left side isn't working at all no matter what I do. 

Exact same thing happened to me and many others. Bose support is sending me a new pair of earbuds.
There is already a thread on this:


Call support 1-800-379-2073
Make sure you have your serial number first. You can find it in the Bose Music app.

Same problem with the right one 😞 ....


Literally used them for 10 minutes - and the left earbud stopped working...

When I put them in the charger, the Left blinks white; the Right blinks blue... at different rates.

Right side connects, with sound; Left does not connect, no sound.

- tried turning off Bluetooth on all devices

- tried different sources for sound

- tried unpairing, only pairs one side.


Bose product name

Bose QuietComfort® Noise Cancelling True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds - Triple Black





Firmware Version

No idea how to tell, app is v 4.11


Update. I've had these for 2 days now, and spent about 3 hours trying to get them to work - and about 10 minutes listening to music. Sending them back... too much hassle. Bluetooth has got to be the most flawed technology on earth, no idea why it has so much adoption. Give me back my wires.