Noise Cancelling 700 Firmware Update - Stutter when Connected to Multiple Devices

Hey everyone,


We released an update to the firmware of the Noise Cancelling 700 (version 1.4.12) on the 12th May and we have received some great feedback from the Community, which is great. We have however noticed that a few users have reported having an issue (stutter) when their headphones are connected to more than one device.


If you have identified this as an issue for you, there are couple of troubleshooting steps we would like you to try. Firstly, make sure that your Bose Music app is up-to-date (version 3.3.4) and then try a reset of your headphones:


1. Disconnect all cables from the headphones.

2. Connect one end of the USB cable to a USB-A wall charger or computer that is powered on.

3. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button while connecting the small end of the USB cable into the USB-C port on the right earcup.

4, Release the Power/Bluetooth button when the Bluetooth light blinks blue.


We also recommend that you clear your bluetooth connections and remove your headphones from your mobile device's memory:

1. In the device’s Bluetooth settings, view the list of previously connected Bluetooth products.
2. Find your Bose headphones and remove them from the list by tapping “Forget”, “Unpair”, “Remove” or something similar. The headphones might appear in the list more than once. Remove all instances of them.
3. Clear the Bluetooth device memory in your headphones:

Power on your headphones, hold the Power/Bluetooth button for 10 seconds until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared”. With Apple iOS devices, be sure not to tap “Cancel” during setup. In the Bose app, after selecting your product on the “Get Connected” screen, a “Select An Accessory” popup appears. Don’t close the popup. It can take up to 2 minutes for your headphones to appear in the popup. Once your headphones appear, select them. Then tap “Pair” when prompted. 


Finally, reboot your mobile device by powering it off completely, then powering it on again.


If the issue persists, we would love to investigate and for this we need to gather some information. Here is the information that we would like you to provide us:


• Bose product model
• Bose product firmware version (screenshot if possible)
• Bose app version (screenshot if possible)
• Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce
• Where do you run into the issue? Where and when did it first occur?
• What services are you using that were affected and what version are they on? (E.g. iPad Pro on iOS 12.9)
• When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?
• Any troubleshooting steps you took and effets, if any.


Thank you for your cooperation and for taking the time to tell us more about it.

If you would like to know more about the latest firmware update or if you would like to give us some feedback that is not related to the topic of this thread, check out this post.


We look forward to hearing from you!

My NC700 was updated yesterday to the new firmware (1.4.12), and the stutter problem is really bad. I am connected to an iPhone Xs Max (iOS 13.4.1)and a Macbook Pro (MacOS 10.15.4).

I had no stutter prior to the firmware update.

I have tried all the steps recommended here, and it has not helped. 

I called the support line, and that was a useless effort as well.


For a company selling premium headphones to push an update like this at a time when more people are relying on these devices to work from home is unacceptable.


Please put out a fix to the firmware ASAP!

Same issues here with the stutter on my NC700, I'm using Windows 10 (1909 using MPow MPBH079AB USB Bluetooth dongle) and Android Phone (LG G6). Firmware & Bose App all up to date.

I had no stutter prior to the firmware update.

I have tried all the steps recommended here, and it has not helped.


No stutter here when only utilizing a single device, issue is entirely isolated to multipoint connections.


Stutter occurs every few minutes on my Windows Device when my Android is connected at the same time. If I drop Android (Disable Bluetooth), Windows stops stuttering.

• Bose product model - NC 700
• Bose product firmware version (screenshot if possible) - 1.4.12-6283 9f658fd
• Bose app version (screenshot if possible) - 3.3.4
• Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

Multiple devices - Macbook Air 10.15.4 , iphone 13.4.1 

- stutter sound every 2-3 minutes when playing youtube , netflix on Macbook. everything fine on iphone.
• Where do you run into the issue? Where and when did it first occur

• What services are you using that were affected and what version are they on? (E.g. iPad Pro on iOS 12.9) - youtube on chrome.
• When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?

- since yesterday morning after upgrade.
• Any troubleshooting steps you took and effets, if any.

- removed the entries on headset.

- removed bluetooth pairs from mac and iphone.

-restarted the macbook and iphone

- pair again both.

- issue remains. stutter sounds as usual.

- battery full charge announcement on headset while app shows 16:34 hours.

- until 12 hours it announced full charge. after that it started announcement as actual. will check again if this is constant result.

work around done for now -  use only single device to have uninterrupted sound quality. forget pairing two devices.

I tried the recommended steps but I'm still having intermittent issues.  I'm on windows 10 connected to my motherboards built in bluetooth 5.0 (asus strix z390-e), after running all the steps I reconnect to the headset by first connecting to LE "headphone name" and then connect to "headphone name" in the windows 10 bluetooth settings.  I have this issue with Amazon music, spotify (borrowed my friends account) and youtube.  The crackling or connection hiccup happens every 3-5 minutes, sometimes longer.  I've been having this issue since  I first got them and was hoping it would be resolved since the headphones are otherwise pretty good.  The current firmware has helped a little.  I also get an issue with the battery prompt giving me the wrong time remaining.  For a premium product these little things are annoying and shouldn't be happening. 


technical info: 

Experiencing this problem as well with my new 700s (even after your latest troubleshooting steps).


  • Bose product firmware version: 1.4.12-6283 9f658fd
  • Bose app version: 3.3.4 (iOS)
  • Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce: Works just like everyone says. If I'm connected via bluetooth to multiple devices, the sound stutters every 1-1.5 minutes (sometimes more). My 2 devices are an iPhone XS and a 2017 MacBook Pro. It does not happen, when I shut off bluetooth on my iPhone. (My Mac is the main device I use with the headphones).
  • Where do you run into the issue? Where and when did it first occur? This has actually been happening for me since I bought these headphones about 3 weeks ago. I was hoping the new firmware was going to fix it, but no.
  • What services are you using that were affected and what version are they on? iPhones XS (iOS 13.4.1 - latest). 2017 MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.15.4 - latest)
  • When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously? It has never worked without some stutter. Worse with latest Bose firmware update.
  • Any troubleshooting steps you took and effects, if any: Followed all your steps. Rebooted everything multiple times.

Hello, I have the same issue since the update to the new firmware 1.4.12


  • Bose Product Model: Bose NC 700 Headphones
  • Bose Firmware: 1.4.12-6283 9f658fd
  • Bose App Version: 3.3.4
  • Detailed description to reproduce error: Connected to a MacBook Pro 13” 2019 (MacBookPro15,2) with macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287) and an iPhone X (iOS 13.4.1), as long as I have both devices connected to the headphones playback (either from MacBook or iPhone) will have periodic stutters
  • Where do I run in this issue? Everywhere with Audio Playback (Zoom Calls, Music, …)
  • When did this occur? Immediately after the update. Before everything was working fine.
  • Any troubleshooting steps: “Forget bluetooth device” on iPhone and MacOs, did the reset as described above, no success. As soon as both devices are connected again the issue occurs. However, with only one device connected the stutter disappears.

A quick bugfix or option to rollback to the previous firmware would be highly appreciated.

I have same problem with crackling noise. So the issue for me at least, seems to happen when headset is connected to my iPhone 8 AND my iMac. When I play any music on my iMac from any source - the crackling noise appears.


I reset the headset and ONLY connected it to my iMac - that solved my problem but of course I need to have it connected to my phone & other devices as well. 


Ps. (I am guessing it has something to do when the other device that headset is connected to - receives a message or is trying to play a sound etc)


I am confident Bose will fix this asap 😊🙌

It seems that the Bose Music app is capable of passing not only control data (like Noise cancelling level), but also configuration data to the headphones, since (although I am on the exact same firmware version as before the app update) after updating the app to version 4.2.4 and connecting the Bose NC700 headphones inside the app, the stuttering when connected to multiple devices disappeared (I use mainly an iPhone and an iPad). Just as a side note, prior to the app update, the noise cancelling level in the headphones was always reported (if I recall correcly) with a longer message (e.g. noise cancelling 10), while now is reported with the longer message only once (after powering up the headphones), but for any subsequent push of the NC shortcut button (during the same power cycle) the message is shorter (e.g. ten). Had also an issue initially: when using the shortcut button on the left ear-cup for the noise cancelling level, the level was reported twice. However, this issue disappeared by itself after I used the conversation mode for a couple of times. Hope this helps.

I bought NC 700 as my first Bose product, it arrived just a few days ago. The stuttering problem is very noticeable because it occurs every 2-3 minutes: sound cuts off for about 1-2 seconds, audio then continues but for the next about 5 seconds it is often distorted and sometimes sped up.


Disconnecting the headphones from the phone in Bose Music whilst listening on PC almost solves the problem, but not entirely. It still happens from time to time.


I followed all advice I could find on solving this issue and it just doesn't go away. I see this problem has been around from the beginning and in December 2020 it is still around. I admire patience that some customers here have, but I will be returning the headphones back because if it hadn't been fixed until now, it probably never will be.

Please return the headphones if you would like to save yourself some peace of mind. I wish I had made that decision long ago. Now I am beyond the return period and living with the problem tryin to get help from Bose. Bose either doesnt want to resolve or they dont know how to resolve. Pretty surprising this kind of product from a company like Bose. 

Hey Mrchut!


Sorry to see that you too have been deceived by Bose. If you want an advice, return your headphones as quickly as you can. And ask for a refund, don't even think about accepting a replacement unit.


Issues and bugs have been running on this "premium hardware" for months, hundreds and hundreds of unsatisfied customers and each new firmware just makes things even worse, with no bugs fixed and new ones added.


So again: return them, ask for a refund and never look back on a company that handles and treat "premium customers" as they have been treating us. Good luck

Stuttering problem started for me after updating past firmware version 1.3.1, it used to be a great headphone until the recent firmware upgrades

1.3.1 - fairly usable on mobile/tablets, but people complain stuttering issues when connecting to computer/laptops (win/mac)

1.4.12 - introduced EQ function but brick a lot of NC700

1.5.0 - only released for those unfortunate enough to be on 1.4.12

1.7.0 - where stuttering started for my case even when using on mobile/tablet, bad battery life reported.

1.8.2 - not any better although someone claims slight improvement to stuttering, even worse battery life

For those unfortunate enough like me to get the headset when the firmware is good, there's no way to return after months of good experience and then Bose went ahead and broke it by forcing mediocre firmware upgrade thru the music app.


Like others, i'd strongly advise you to return it while you still can.

 good idea to send your headphones back.

I honestly did my best to love them (and I actually loveD them), especially due to the combination of nice ANC with better Mic as the Son (while my subjective opinion is that the ANC of the Sony is slightly better).

I moved to a Sony with external mic, because Bose is basically bricking headphones with the updates.

I still make a principle of it on having Bose to make something on the NC700, since my father has one, and cannot send it back.


But the mess due to firmware updates and the disdain of Bose for its "premium" customers , who just want a stable firmware (last one was 1.3.1, and Bose still does not want to allow a rollback) , lead me to, well, -sorry to say- invite people to send their Bose product back.


 , any comments on your good job regarding customer satisfaction? 😒


I gave up tried all the different possibilities, the stutter is really annoying!

The devices I'm using is Samsung Note 20 Ultra and iPad Pro 11 2020.
(2020 The Frame Samsung TV, I have no stutter issues with that so far)

I got so annoyed that I recently purchased the Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. Paired with my NC700, it works with no stutter nonsense. Yes, it is a bit ridiculous a BT-W3 dongle connecting on my phone and also my iPad Pro but this my temporary solution while waiting for Bose fix this issue. I can still enjoy my songs without stuttering, at peace.

A good investment getting this BT-W3 since is paired with my NC700. I can connect any devices, including console. Oh yes, you can make calls too. So still not that bad.

Touch control, my observation
- Volume (Yes) stop/skip (Yes) - iOS
- Volume (Yes) stop/skips (No) - Andriod

So I am not sure what is the issue if BT-W3 is able to stream without stuttering. Why connecting directly to the device have issues. Not sure if you guys out there will want to spend the extra money on the audio transmitter. It works for me, four days using it. No stutter so far. 


Paid a premium price headphones but get this stutter nonsense.

You are right.. I think Bose realised that they cant fix this and they are now giving a bluetooth dongle with their upgraded version BOSE NC 700 UC model. Seriously? Why cant they atleast give that blue tooth dongle for the existing users or replace the older model headphones with the upgraded ones.

 can you confirm that the stutter nonsense, as you rightly describe, is only present since the firmware updates.

If yes, Bose, back to work for stable firmware or rollback. I do not intend to by additional hardware for a premium (premium...) device, implying potentially additional drivers when moving (e.g. for pro computers without admin rights, it will not be applicable)

Hi tarjeilj,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you are getting this crackling sound when using your headphones and I would be happy to help with this.


It sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting already so thank you for doing that and letting us know. Checking a few sources and performing a reset are both great starting points to try and resolve this.


Just to check, when you are experiencing this crackling noise, are you connected to both the MacBook and the iPhone at the same time? Do you still hear the sound if only connected to one at a time?


Also, do you still hear the sound when using the audio cable?


What I would recommend we do next for this, is checking for and installing any available updates for the headphones. You can do this by going to our Device Updater on your computer and following the on-screen instructions.


IT would also be a good idea to check the ear cushions on your headphones are firmly connected. If they are not secure on the headphones, this can cause problems with the sound quality and noise cancelation.


Let me know how you get on.


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support

I've updated windows to 20H2 and now I am also having the stuttering audio w/ crackle issue.
Like other posters, Bluetooth connection stutters, hands free does not, neither does using audio cable. iPhone 6 does not stutter/crackle. 

I have tried all the advice given, clearing lists, removing Bluetooth connections, reconnecting, one device vs. two at the same time (iPhone pc). This really seems like a driver issue.

Is there an alternate Bluetooth driver I can try?

PC: mac mini late 2012 (bootcamp) running Windows 10 version 20H2 (previous version was working fine)
mobile device: iPhone 6
App version: 4.2.4
Firmware version: 1.8.2-11524 e0f7590
Date of Manufacture:
November 13, 2019

Hey  any leads on this? We have been waiting for an update which solves this issue for ages now!