Password lock on PM8500

Hi Chris.
I’ve forgotten my PM8500 5 pin code. is there a way of resetting the panel. Much appreciated,

Did you try Controlspace Designer?

I downloaded ControlSpace designer. Every time I tried to do something it wanted the code.

Hi there Chris Im having the sam problem can you send the Password to me?

Hi there,

I have the same problem that the front panel lock password is forgotten. It´s a PM8500. We have an issue with blocking/limitting sound on our VIP room. I need acess to pm8500 via usb connection for understand problem! Sorry for English.

please could you guys help me?

Thank you!

Hello I have a password problem on a PM8500 amplifier if you can help me please

Hi, I have the same problem with a PM4250, hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance

Hi! I have the same problem on my pm8500, even on controlSpace they ask me the password? Does someone can help me?

FYI, I had access to the amplifier, but after the update of the firmware with controlspace over USB, it suddenly ask for a 5 digit code


Do you have an answer to solve the password problem?
I have a pm8250 just bought.

Best regards


Hello Chris

Joining in to say we’ve had the same problem and need to reset the password on a PM8500.
Lock is both on the panel and USB via ControlSpace so can’t seem to reset it from there either.



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Hello. pm4500 screen locked please show me the password to open it. thanks a lot.

There is a thread about the PM4500 password recovery.

I have the same request for a PowerMatch PM8250 (only version with USB) which is locked and the customer has forgotten the password.
I can’t get any further with Controlspace Designe.
Can you tell me how to unlock it?

Kind regards,

Hello dear ProSound Community,
I have a Bose PowerMatch 8250 with USB.
Unfortunately there is no password for it.
I have already tried to reset it with the ControSpace Designer, but unfortunately it does not establish a connection.
Can anyone here help or provide support on how to reset the code?
Many thanks in advance for your help. :pray:

Same for me. Need to reset panel Password for a PM8500 non network version

I am having the same issue, the I have a client that bought a facility and the Amps are locked out with a 5 digit pin code. Can someone fill me in on how to bypass or reset the amps? Thanks